Ok, there wasn’t very much messaging or positioning that catered specifically to Latinos and Latinas. But should there have been? Why? If the Democratic Party is pandering less than they did in the past, isn’t that a good trend? And what would those issues be? You made a clear point that economic beliefs and concerns influenced some Latino and Latina voters. Those are just mainstream concerns.

The ultimate signal of arriving in the mainstream is that political parties no longer consider your particular interests more important than your general interests.

It’s a sign of respect, not neglect.

The reality is that the Democratic Party has a strong, real plan for jobs, for political reforms, for economic revival, and also for immigration reform, among many other priorities. You can find the full platform on President-elect Biden’s web site. Is there a more responsible way to learn about the Democratic Party plans and agendas than to simply read them directly, first-hand?

It sounds like you may be buying into the heavily marketed stereotypes of Republicans and Democrats just a little bit. Certainly the Democratic Party is the weaker of the two parties right now, media-wise, but so what?

The other party option is not viable.

This is a straightforward matter of civic knowledge and responsible citizenship. The Republican Party decided not to honor government by the people. They did everything they possibly could to install Trump as a ruler by assaulting all the checks and balance of power that are at the heart of our defenses against tyranny. The foundation of America — its purpose and principles for existence— is its opposition to an anti-democratic form of government and to a state embrace of religion.

So, if Latinos are Latinas think it might be OK to fancy themselves Republicans, then they are just as accidentally ignorant and conservative-media-manipulated as everyone else who voted for Trump. If Cuban Americans saw Biden as Castro or Maduro, instead of Trump, they got seriously played. They (all Republican voters) need to learn more about democracy, and specifically ours. No contempt here, just straight talking.

Country over God is a mandate, not a choice. God over country is treason, if that reflects a state establishment of religion (i.e. Christian values transliterated into law). You don’t get to choose to put God over country in public matters. This is not a choice that’s on the table for debate. It’s not your right.

Government by the people in a representative style, in a framework that prevents the President from being effectively a ruler, is a mandate, not a choice. Every political appointee and military service person in the United States is required to swear their loyalty to government by the people, to the Constitution, not to the current presidential executive. You don’t get to decide to be loyal to Trump instead of the United States. This is not a choice that’s on the table for debate. It’s not your right.

We’ve never had a serious loyalty-to-country vs. loyalty-to-leader test ever, since George Washington was offered the job of president in perpetuity and turned it down. It took until Trump and Barr and today’s Republican Party for America to be tested this way again. We are in an existential crisis, and it’s real, and it’s happening, now. People often fail to recognize the historically significant events of their own times.

What I wish Republicans to know is that we the true, democratic American people are not going to let a president gain the power to make and interpret the laws. We have both the right and the duty to abolish our government if it fails to preserve us against these two specific tyrannies (kings and religion). See the Declaration of Independence. I hope the military will remain loyal to the Constitution and not the presidential executive, but it doesn’t matter in the end. We can have a short war, a long war, a guerrilla war, or massive bloodshed and genocide. But we’re not giving up democracy.

Many Americans have fought and died for democracy. They fought to preserve freedom from exactly the tyranny that is actively arising from Trump and Barr and the Republican Party. We’re not giving it up.

There was only one viable choice for responsible, informed citizens this election. It was Biden/Harris.

People who voted for Trump, and who are wooed still by conservative media propaganda to vote Republican in 2024, are woefully uninformed and misinformed. They may believe that they love America, but their votes were injuries, and possibly a death blow.

I know a lot of otherwise good Moms and Dads who voted for Trump, for Republican tyranny. They literally voted to injure America in a serious way. But I don’t hate them. They are victims of conservative media propaganda. I pity them.

Someday in the future they will see better the seriousness of this 2020 moment, and if they choose not to live in denial, they may experience deep regrets about the vote they cast for Trump. Their children and grandchildren are going to be taught about the events leading up to this election. They’re going to learn that Trump and the Republican Party took an actual, no-kidding shot at dictatorship and single-party rule, in full collusion with Fox News, using Facebook and a lot of foreign money.

The tailwinds of this constitutional crisis are going to last for decades, and the lessons will be remembered for centuries. Assuming we get through it at all.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea. edblosch@zoho.com

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