And, Texas lacks water.

And, all those government agencies and employees and funding that they lose….they would have to replace, right? If you’re running a country, you need everything that a country needs, right? Don’t forget, there are a few agencies that are only in Washington DC at present. Texas may have oil, for now, but if you’re not able to defend it, the U.S. will just march in and take over west Texas. Why wouldn’t we?State government will effectively have to grow, and taxes will be much higher.

And, Texas' biggest non-ag industries are financial and transportation in the north, and healthcare in the south, and those are intrinsically domestic kinds of businesses. It would make no sense for US companies to use a foreign country as a distribution hub, unless you’re not going to bother with Customs. Nor would it make sense for the US to mint money or have a Fed branch in a foreign country (Dallas). Nor would it make sense for Americans to travel to a foreign country (Houston) for medical care. That’s certainly out of network, and Medicare presumably wouldn’t be accepted. And you wouldn’t build your nation’s fighter jets in Fort Worth, anymore, right? I mean, security clearances are required. You’d lose Lockheed Martin pretty quickly.

Bottom line: Texas’ economy is very dependent on the US. Its dependence goes far beyond the direct employment and funding of federal government and military. Texas’ economy comes very much at the expense of cities in surrounding states.

Texas needs the US way more than the US needs Texas.

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