Calling for less anger in the conversation without offering any ideas to change the subject of conversation is pointless etiquette.

What ideas do you have for a better society? Where would you like see Congress pass new laws first: voting rights, or media propaganda? What changes would you make to economic policies to put long-term health back in control of corporate strategies? What changes would you make to improve education or stem the bleeding caused by our national debt?

Everybody’s angry means the conservative media campaign has been successful. The whole point was to get people….even liberals and progressives…out of our usual future-focused, what-can-I-do game and into an inwards-focused regressive, cynical form of personal gridlock. In other words, to make us all conservatives!

Anger is a choice, yes, but what does one do when there is no other choice of subject? When no one is talking about ideas? If everyone just wants to talk about how they feel, anger is going to be everywhere, and why shouldn’t it be? The problem isn’t this answer, it’s the absence of another question besides how do you feel? How are you suffering?

Progressives will have to take the lead here to change the conversation. We can’t expect ideas from conservatives. It’s not in their nature to think of the future at all, but certainly not as something that can be better, or can be shaped. Their evil media outlets have got us all focused on their peculiar obsession with how things used to be, how things are messed up now, and the direction of power that must be exerted to get things back to the way they should be. It’s all just regressive, emotional immaturity.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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