Couldn’t agree more! Here’s a few of my thoughts on this topic. Let’s make it a national referendum even.

The farther the secession conversation goes, the better. It forces people to be genuinely reflective and thoughtful about their needs and interests, and that can only be a good thing!

As for Texas, my home state, oh what fun we can have daydreaming about the freedom and purity of thought we’ll have once we have our own country!

First, though, we’ll need more water and food. I guess we can buy water from the Red River, if the US is willing to sell it to us. It might be a bit expensive, though. Otherwise, we could try desalination plants, but that water is even more expensive. Anyway, we’ll need water from somewhere, because we’ll want to grow more of the food we eat.

Food might be an interesting challenge given our climate. I guess we can pay the US and Mexico at first for whatever we lack, and then if we can afford enough water, we could start growing more of what we need. We can just eat a lot of beef until then.

I think we’ll want to have our own military, right? We have a lot of US military people in Texas. They won’t have jobs or incomes when we secede. Maybe we just won’t have a military? Anyway, how much does a military cost? Maybe we can just have the Army part and skip the others, to save a bit on taxes. The US wouldn’t dare take over west Texas militarily just to get our oil, would they? We’ve been friends for years. Friends don’t do that to each other. Right?

Should we have a wall with Mexico? What about Louisiana and Colorado and New Mexico and Oklahoma and Arkansas? If our economy is as hot as we want to believe it is, there could be immigrants flowing in from all sides, if we’re not careful. I guess we’ll have a lot of people working Border Patrol! And Transportation. We have a lot of roads per capita. We’ll need a relatively large Department of Transportation to keep our roads in good shape.

I guess we’ll have to provide for our own disaster relief the next time Houston gets flooded, but we’ll find the money somewhere for that. We’ve got Elon Musk now. I’m sure he will pay his fair share as a citizen.

Our economy will be mostly oil and gas exports, and beef. Unfortunately, we’ll have a big downsizing of the DFW financial and transportation industries, and Houston’s healthcare industry — it makes no sense for the US to conduct highly regulated internal business outside its borders. What will our currency be? Would we stick with the US dollar or invent our own?

See how much fun it can be? Let’s keep the conversation going! What would our Constitution look like? What would our political system be?

Let’s get Texas voters thinking about what their representatives are actually trying to do, on their behalf…

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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