Fox News, young man. Or, if you prefer, “conservative media” in general. Did you overlook talk radio? TV and radio have far more influence and reach than the Internet generations seem to appreciate. And, it’s well-coordinated messaging, too.

Average citizens are actually unaware and uninformed about almost everything. It’s simple impressions and identities that people fall back on… marketing 101.

The Democratic Party screwed up by campaigning on anti-Trump and emphasizing race and inequality instead of the economy. They picked the wrong political poles….again.

The Republican Party and their media managed to make the election about the economy, and they were far more effective in manipulating fears about Democrats than the Democratic Party was effective in communicating the real ways that Trump is becoming a dictator.

Yes, the deck is stacked. Wasn’t that a known disadvantage going in? How do you overlook the status quo beliefs of 80% of the electorate?

  • Republicans = good for economy, Christian values, working class, nothing-for-free, leaders, heroes, real Americans
  • Democrats = Atheists, arrogant liberals, bad for corporations, free stuff for everyone, minorities, immigrants, not real Americans

Ask yourself what the Democrats did to counter these impressions? Ask yourself how far NY Times and WaPo penetrate in most states. Zero.

It’s time to disband. Trump will steal the election anyway. He’s enjoying the cruelty of vote counts and recounts, but the incumbent has huge advantages. It’s over. And there’s no chance to govern peacefully. Rights of free assembly will be suspended by March if not before. Press freedoms will be curtailed. State control of information will begin. Opposition party leaders will be charged and convicted. Re-education campaigns.

Republicans voted for tyranny without realizing it. There may be some regret coming, especially when the stock market crashes as the reality of an unpredictable dictator sinks in. And I have to assume riots are bad for business, too. But I’m sure this regret will be redirected away from Trump and Barr and channeled into anger towards Democrats, who will be depicted as an internal enemy of such evil and cunning and power that all citizens’ freedoms have to be restricted, just to keep the enemy from destroying us from within. And I guess that will be truth. Winner gets to write the history books.

America must now pass through a Russian phase for a few decades until the enough of the people come around that it becomes possible to rise up again. But, for the indefinite future, roughly 50% of the country has chosen to live in tyranny instead of freedom. We have to just accept our new facts. You don’t hate liberals yet, but you will…

Personally I no longer feel safe above ground. I’m deleting all online presence and will stay with you in spirit. I’ll be there when the fighting starts. I’ll vote Progressive or Freedom. But I will not support a dead party again. Not that it matters, because the deck will be much more stacked in two years than it is today, much less four.

Red marketing has overpowered America. It will be interesting to see just how fast and far the market will fall, and how long it stays down while the rest of the world watches all the violence on TV. Could it even spread to Britain?

Personally, I will sleep very well, if uneasily, tonight. My conscience is clear. I did everything a human being could possibly do to alert my fellow citizens to the future that is coming. Heck, I even wrote about what to do about it, too. I convinced several people to vote for Biden. I came out as a Democrat to my relatives, and those relationships are now permanently severed. I donated $300 to Biden and $500 to BLM. My conscience is clear.

I’m angry, disappointed, devastated, and scared. On the other hand, if the Democratic Party fractures, it will be a positive for the long-term, because it will also open a fracture in the Republican Party.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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