Great article. You want to know how sick we’ve become with “economy” narratives from the conservative media? I’ll tell you.

The legitimacy of any government, and in particular the specific mandate of our American government, is to secure the health and safety of the population that is governed. That’s it.

Government has no mandate or responsibility to take care of the economy. None. And yet, a lot of people actually think government should consider the tradeoffs and conflicts between economic interests and our health and welfare when making decisions. And they shouldn’t.

Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution does it say anything about any responsibility of government for our economy. We have a Central Bank and a Department of the Treasury for very practical reasons, and a healthy economy is a desirable thing for our opportunities and our national defense. But government is not established to serve some concept of a national economy. It just isn’t.

Regulation of economic activities are necessary. Measurements of economy tell us how we’re doing in terms of making a better society. A monetary policy is necessary.

But we’ve somehow confused these useful government functions with the idea of what government is for, with its purpose! So let’s be clear. Economy is literally not a government function. There is no Secretary of the Economy.

And yet here we are in 2020, with a large number of citizens believing the government has to take care of the economy first in order to take care of the people. It’s depraved. It’s twisted. And it shows just how sick we’ve become with “economy” narratives from the conservative media.

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