I loved these insights!

I’m not sure we want him to go away, though. Hear me out on this.

He’s not a real danger after he’s out of office, because he will deteriorate. He’s very fat and very angry. He’s going to be under a lot of legal stress. And financial. If we send him cake, and keep him tweeting, he might get fatter and angrier. Maybe we can get him a Parler account.

He will probably be dead by 2024. But even if he’s not, he’s still not going to be able to run again himself.

So I think we could safely focus on other goals besides revenge:

  1. How to use him to damage the Republican Party in the next election. Could we make him really angry at Rubio or Paul or other likely 2024 Republican presidential candidates, so he will attack them? What if he were interviewed repeatedly about his behind-the-scenes genius — how he used Bill Barr so effectively, how he crafted Stephen Miller’s advice so expertly into policies, how he made all the Republican senators and representatives his bitches, and all the great strategic coordination he did with the Fox News shows and personalities? Would that be damaging?
  2. How to draw his supporters into reflection. Can Trump yet lead them to feel regret and remorse, so they’ll be more careful with their vote next time? What if he goes even more extreme and bigoted during his post-presidency? Could a visible Trump serve as a daily reminder to his voters of who they were in 2020? Would that make them less gullible to the next populist dictator-wolf in Republican clothing?

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