I rarely disagree with you but I think you’re wrong here.

Obama was stuffed by a Republican-controlled Senate. And the Senate still requiresl a 60-vote majority as of this moment to pass laws. Here’s more on that:


The sad truth is that all the gerrymandering and voter suppression has already gone too far. The Republicans have more than enough power to prevent the Democrats from effecting any significant legislation.

I said it a dozen times during the election, and I haven’t changed my mind — the top priority for the Democrats this cycle must be voting reforms. Somehow the Democrats have to make voting mandatory or get states to use ranked-choice voting.

If they fail to make real progress pushing back against the huge, unfair advantages the Republicans have built into the system, nothing else really matters. The converse is also true — eliminate or work around the gerrymander, and everything will start changing for the better, including even the Republican party itself.

Go easy on the Democrats when it comes to observing the pace of progress and the lack of boldness. The deck is incredibly stacked against the them right now. It’s like having more cash than your opponent in monopoly, while your opponent has all the good properties. Technically you are ahead, but you’re on track to lose, not win.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea. edblosch@zoho.com

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