I think the laws we need are anti-propaganda laws. There’s apparently something on the books already, see the article below, but its target is limited to government.


I think new legislation should try to expand the target of this act beyond government to cover organizations that are functionaries for government, i.e. actively trying to assist. That would include Fox, since they engage in propaganda, do so with the intent to assist the Republican party and politicians, and are functionary. Fox plans and coordinates their messages with elected officials, and they give the Republican politicians a lot of free air time to spread propaganda. We need the proper tools to be able to stop massive coordinated media campaigns to get people to believe lies.

The proposal should also try to strengthen our ability to regulate and criminalize propaganda without infringing on opinion. We want solid legal footing to go after people and organizations who are building a politically-purposed cult, e.g. Fox or QAnon, without endangering those who broadcast extreme lies and opinions as entertainment, e.g. the shock jocks.

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