Hi Walter Rhein, the right to be safe is one of the overarching, human rights that is fundamental to the legitimacy of any government. This is a philosophical point that is reflected clearly in the Declaration of Independence.

In other words, what is the fundamental tradeoff of being free and being unfree via a government? Government by force is illegitimate. Government by choice depends on preconditions and agreements. When I submit myself to the laws — that is freedom lost. What is a fair trade? It is my safety and my health. In our Declaration, safety and health are what we need to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Fairness is a moral foundation. We just accept that my freedom should be fairly traded away for safety and health, not unfairly. Justice is relative fairness — laws applied unevenly are unjust. One’s freedom is lost in a relative sense if others have more of it than you do.

Of American government, then

  • Moral foundation: Fairness and Justice
  • Philosophical legitimacy: Safety and Health
  • Covenant: Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
  • Core Principles of Constitution: freedom from tyranny of non-democratic forms of government, freedom from tyranny of state religion

Your right to safety is extremely fundamental to your freedom and frankly to the functioning of any society or civilization. Anger is justified and completely understandable. We can’t even have a civilization, much less a governed country, when people are threatening others’ safety.

This same philosophical issue underlies the gun control debate. Whose idea of safety is the right idea? The guy who says he wants the gun for safety, or the other guy who says he doesn’t want the first guy to have a gun, for his own safety? The first article I ever wrote on Medium was on this very topic.

All of this is to say that the things that happened to you range from bad parenting, to bad behavior, to misdemeanor, to felony. Judging the situation you’re in is obviously top priority for immediate action decisions. But it’s also a key to maintaining one’s sanity in the aftermath of being a victim.

The kinds of harassment and intimidation and threat you talked about could be misdemeanors, or almost. There are dozens of gray shades of misdemeanors depending on the surroundings, the circumstances, the presence of weapons or things that could be weapons, and exactly what the person was doing and how.

The laws relating to such things are not obscure add-on statutes, they are fundamental. Your safety is fundamental to the entire purpose of laws. There are dozens of potential misdemeanors that may apply, and if you think the line might be getting crossed from boorish behavior to actual threat, you should assume that the there is some kind of misdemeanor crime being committed, even if you don’t know it’s name.

I hope I didn’t offend you here. I just feel bad that this shit happens to you. I want all the Republican voters and MAGA idiots to know that they are traitors, or fools, or both, and certain irresponsible, uniformed, manipulated citizens. I want them someday look back (fingers crossed) at Trump’s coup attempt and feel like traitors. I want their children and grandchildren to live in shame for the foolish, irresponsible, weak-minded idiots that their parents and grandparents were.

As soon as it’s safe, I’m going to buy 500 or 1000 custom red ballcaps and get them embroidered with some real barbs. “Trump = Jesus” or “Republican Coward” or stuff like that. I’m going to leave these caps all over the world as I travel. And after ballcaps, I’ll move on to T-shirts and other swag.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea. edblosch@zoho.com

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