No, he has personal motivations that are about his need for praise and fear of being a loser, but also huge debts to people who are going to take his tiny fingers if he doesn’t pay.

It’s the people around him, and the Republican party, who don’t want him to lose power for political reasons.

And their reason isn’t because they want to destroy America at all. It’s because they don’t want voting reforms, or higher corporate taxes, or wealth redistribution, or environmental regulations, etc. They want power in order to have control. Pretty simple really.

The thing about destroying America is important for you to understand, though. America is founded on three bedrocks, freedom from the tyranny of a king, and freedom from government respecting an establishment of religion (ie Christian laws), and tri-partite government.

The President doesn’t get to make the laws. Or interpret them. Or control the money. That’s how this whole deal works. We have government by the people…Congress is just a bit more powerful than the president, by design…for a very good reason. It is because we are founded as a country on this principle of freedom from dictatorship, from a king, from an executive who wants to be a king. And Donald certainly had that idea. As did Bill Barr.

When we snowflakes talk about Trump destroying America, what we mean is that by asking political appointees for their loyalty, insisting his power is limitless, that these things are destructions. Because when the goal would be achieved, our Constitution would no longer accurately reflect our reality. So that is, by definition, destruction of the country. The country is not its people, its culture, etc. Those are just national identities. The sovereign legal entity called America is its Constitution, and nothing more. Undercut it, and what have you got? Not a country.

And it’s important for you and other Republicans (and Democrats) to understand another thing: that none of us gets a choice to have a strongman leader, even if 99% of us agreed on it. We can change the Constitution first, and then we can give unlimited power to our president. By until we changed the Constitution, we are breaking the law any time we take actions to subvert it. So, in that respect, actions taken to build up a strongman president with unlimited power are against democracy, against our Constitution, and against the law.

So when you hear people like me saying that I consider Republican Party politicians to be actual traitors, you should know that I really mean that, in a very analytical logical sense. You cannot have a president that encroaches on such power that he is effectively more powerful than the people. No one gets to choose that choice. And it is treason to subversively work towards that end. And that’s what I’ve been witnessing. You don’t have to accept this view, but at least don’t oversimplify it.

"Destroying America” has nothing to do with Trump being a shitty leader. It has to do with his efforts and the Republican Party’s efforts to make his power dictatorial and unchallengeable and permanent. These are treasons, and should they succeed, would render the Constitution, which is America, destroyed. You follow?

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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