Oh, wow, an opportunity. I’ve literally got a dozen additional ideas but I’ll just share three here:

  1. A petition is good, but one can and should also attempt to directly contact the Republican House and Senate politicians and let them know your self-pledge to vote against them in the future because of their cowardice now. You can also notify state Republican politicians. It’s very easy to find email addresses and Facebook/Twitter accounts for every politician you wish to reach. Let them know that you want a representative democracy where everyone votes (make it mandatory), and no districts are gerrymandered. And if they won’t support government by the people in a fair way, you will not vote for them.
  2. Spread truth. Literally. Build a collection of valuable information and perspective articles you’ve read. Curate. Do this today. Print it out and title it Resources for Responsible Citizens. Then literally leave copies anywhere you go, stealthily, quietly, politely. Start an personal campaign of civic education and awareness. Reach out to Republican citizens today. Here’s what I want: I want people to install Reuters, BBC News, AP News apps, and deinstall the Fox News app. My action: Inform them of the existence of these apps, and their status as non-partisan, and suggest they try them. It’s real, it will help, and you can do it today!
  3. Go public, I mean visible, with your pledge to fight for representative democracy and against executive power, or with any other statements that aren’t matters of opinion. Make it clear what side you’re on, on your Facebook news feed. Write a Medium article and send it out to your email contacts. Or even post something on LinkedIn. We need to recreate middle ground positions, and fast. Let the Trumpists in your life know in no uncertain terms that you will not support a slide into “democratic” fascism, or objectively corrupt leaders, or treasonous subversive media propaganda, or Republican cowards. We need political reforms very badly, but the “democracy" of a right-wing populist and fascist single-party rule is not the best option. That choice will bring violence, an economic depression, loss of the dollar’s power as the world’s reserve currency, and hyperinflation, in that order. That will destroy everyone’s savings and make decent living standards unaffordable. Right-wing fascist populism just doesn’t deliver wealth redistribution, historically speaking. If that’s the kind of revolution you think the Republicans would deliver, you’re mistaken. Instead, you would want to put your energy behind left-wing fascism…or….here’s a thought…how about we just reform the political system and stick with representative democracy?!

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea. edblosch@zoho.com

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