Let’s drop the pretense of legitimacy of the Republican Party. They are single-handedly responsible for the incredible 60/40 wealth inequalities that have enabled fascist populism to gain power. Their gridlocking and gerrymandering have been, and continue to be, subversive and treasonous to America’s principles and Constitution. The 60% of Americans who have no savings and almost no wealth or opportunity might be misled by conservative media, but we all know it’s the Republican Party that refuses to help.

Political reforms are essential going forward. We need mandatory voting.

Conservatives such as yourself are fervently committed to an agenda of control. You wish to have the final say over when and how wealth is distributed, how fairness improves, how equality is achieved, etc. Your power hungry political party exists to preserve cynical, immoral, regressive worldviews, e.g. that only the business elite can really ensure a prosperous society, that all men are not really equal, that sustainability is impossible, that a rising quality of life for everyone is unrealistic.

You are free to believe otherwise. You can judge the Republican Party as misguided leaders, and you can believe conservative worldviews are reasonable. I, however, will never, ever forget or let anyone else forget what has happened these past 4years, as long as I live. The Republican Party was (and remains!) loyal to a fascist interpretation of patriotism and Christianity, to the undermining of representative democracy, and to the establishment of the tyranny of a king. Trump and Barr made every conceivable effort to accumulate unchallengeable power to the executive branch, demanding people pledge loyalty to the leader and the party over the Constitution. The Republican Party politicians are traitors, and cowards.

And history must certainly record that we very narrowly escaped a dictatorship. There is no other objective conclusion.

History will not be kind to the Republican Party or Donald Trump. Any idiot off the street would have called for unity and expertise in handling the pandemic, and a couple hundred thousand fewer people would be dead today. Trump is guilty of negligent homicide, perhaps by means of a serious personality disorder, but that’s all that precludes it from being murder. History will not be kind, nor should it be. This episode of national suffering and populist fascism will have decades of tailwinds, and be studied for centuries.

The new Congress had better pass laws to expand and strengthen democracy and weaken future executive branch power. An anti-conservative American future must be guaranteed: more equality, more fairness, more justice, and legitimate government, which is to say, government for the people’s safety and health, not for the economy overall, and not for the enrichment of a few.

Let me be clear, too, about this mandate — the people’s demands are not choices of democracy. The country exists on a foundation of freedom from tyranny of a king and freedom from state establishment of religion, i.e. from Christian laws. Neither Republican nor Democratic parties or citizens have the right to change these foundations, even if a majority of people actually wanted to! Change the Constitution, if you so desire, but until it is changed, you must honor it. We don’t have the right to ignore it or subvert it, or render it meaningless and powerless. Similarly, the government must function for our safety and health, not for the economy. Change the Constitution legally if you want, but don’t lie to the people by presenting a false choice of economy or health. Health is the only constitutional government priority.

To the degree that Republican Party voters are expressing a desire to have Christian laws and a strongman in power, with a Congress that cannot check his power, they are wanting things that are fundamentally not constitutional. What they want, what the Republican Party has been pursuing, is more akin to Iran or Russia.

By all means, change the Constitution if you don’t like it. But for the sake of peace, be transparent about your conservative political goals, not subversive. Be honest.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea. edblosch@zoho.com

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