The core Republican strategy since 2008 has been to use Fox News and Facebook, and to stoke up every other conservative media outlet possible, to engage in a propaganda war on American awarenesses and impressions/feelings.

It’s not a hidden conspiracy or anything. Just a large shaping effort that connects everything, ultimately, usually indirectly, back to some anti-Democratic sentiment. This definitely started with Obama’s election in 2008. Think about it. Somehow George Floyd’s murder morphed into a story about Democrats destroying America, right? So yes, the Democratic party is relentlessly, indirectly slandered by the conservative media. And the opposite isn’t true. The Republican party has been slandered as of late, but this is very much out in the open.

I wrote another reply about media bias here. I hope you’ll check it out.

Re: Obama and Trump: Obama got relatively little done compared to what I had hoped to see, but then again, Mitch McConnell said he would make the Senate a graveyard for Democratic proposals, and he did. So it’s not all on Obama. And Obama got us through a global financial crisis, which, in case you missed it, started in 1992 with Bush’s idea that home ownership had to be made financially possible for everyone. Obama inherited a 16-year-old bubble and spent 1 trillion to get us out if it. That was followed by financial industry reforms and 8 years of steady GDP growth.

Trump’s administration, though, has been the most corrupt in history, objectively speaking. Thousands of documented self-dealings. And now the pardons.

He did nothing policy-wise or program-wise on healthcare or jobs, or the economy, in 4 years. He ran the largest budget deficits of any president ever (3 trillion in 3 years), and that was before coronavirus hit. The stock market went up, but it wasn’t organic growth. Our currency is devalued as a result. It was good for me, personally, but bad for America.

And his response to the pandemic was incredibly negligent. I mean, you personally would have put your politics aside and called for urgency and unity and expertise. So would I. We would have pulled out all the stops to get some masks made, ramp up testing and contact tracing operations quickly and massively, and let the public health experts do more, because we would have been concerned about reducing the number of people who would die.

Trump instead decided that Covid was first and foremost a political crisis and a potential risk to his reelection prospects. So I do blame widespread death on him, personally. He’s guilty of negligent manslaughter. I could have done better, and so could you. I think I’m being very reasonable and fair in this judgment.

I am sure he receives a lot bashing that is purely political, just like Obama did. But is it really unfair? Trump always dishes out far worse than he receives in terms of personal slander and general nastiness, both in terms of quantity and quality. You can’t be as prolific in slandering and threatening and lying about other people as he is, and then turn around and complain that you’re not being treated fairly. Come on. That’s unfair. He is treated with kid gloves more often than not by the media. His slandering and race baiting would have gotten him fired from a job at Walmart. It’s just completely disgusting and unacceptable. I think he should have been impeached and removed from office over his Tweets alone. We don’t have to tolerate an asshole in the White House. I think it’s perfectly fair to criticize someone relentlessly and mercilessly for being a lying, slanderous, racist asshole. Why would people consider that “treating him unfairly"? Seems balanced to me.

Beyond that, he actually tried to get a foreign government to look the part of investigating a political rival. That was illegal. Then he withheld approved aid to twist their arm a bit, and that was also illegal. So, if he is characterized as a criminal and traitor, it’s perhaps an overly strong choice of words, but it’s also true.

Sorry to be so blunt here, but he is a total douchebag, a worst-that-humanity-has-to-offer kind of person. Is that unfair? Making fun of disabled people? Really?!? Disrespecting veterans because they were injured or captured? Really?!? Telling first and second generation immigrants, born here, just as much Americans as you, to go back to their home countries? Really?!? Good people on both sides?! Come on. Separating kids from their parents? Trump is objectively a horrible human being, and it isn’t "treating him badly” to say it.

His administration has been one of unprecedented corruption, incompetence, destruction and death. He held out hope, but did nothing, except take money and try to solidify and accumulate more power. His character is trash.

These statements are all harsh, and they would be very embarrassing for his supporters to accept, but they are still reality.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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