There wasn’t any fraud to speak of. Every official word on the integrity of elections at both state and federal levels supports the view that the most recent elections were executed with high integrity. You can believe it or not, but that’s reality.

Trump made some brazen attempts to undercut mail-in voting ahead of the elections. Conservative media outlets provided an endless supply of fears and anecdotes about how elections can go wrong. Reality is that Trump and the conservative media conditioned you to be receptive to claims of fraud, in advance of the election.

After the election, there was a lot of smoke created by a giant smoke machine, if you will. But there never was a real fire. That’s why all the lawsuits were thrown out. They were frivolous, because they lacked evidence.

You know what is a real problem? Gerrymandering. And voter suppression, i.e. making it hard for people to vote. The Republican Party worked really hard to make voting an exclusive, difficult process. This is the opposite of what a democratic country should want. We should instead have mandatory voting. Literally make it a law that you have to vote. Put the onus on government to collect everyone’s vote, like we try to do with the census. That would improve government responsiveness for everyone of us. Plus it would change party positioning, of both parties.

Re: media, the reality is that “media bias” is itself a misleading bit of propaganda. I’ve read a lot about the history of conservative media and I recommend you do, too. The story starts arouund FDR’s New Deal and the rise of television. Also check out research on media bias.

The reality is that traditional media aspires to be unbiased, objective, detached, fair, balanced, etc. We call it ‘liberal’ and it was the mainstream. And perhaps most people still believe the liberal media are the mainstream media. And perhaps they are right.

“Conservative media” is a philosophical opposite. The underlying claim is that bias is unavoidably human, and that there’s nothing wrong with perceiving events and reporting/analyzing them through filtered lenses. Recently, some news outlets like CNN seem to have lost all aspirations towards traditional liberal journalism. They are not much better than Fox News. In that sense, they’ve adopted the traditional conservative media philosophy: “We’ll tell the news through a lens we think matches the political receptivity of our target audience.”

So reality is not so much “media bias", left vs. right, but rather Biased vs. Unbiased. Each outlet can be described by its aspirations and actions. If you are aspiring to be unbiased, objective, detached, fair, and balanced, you are liberal (journalistic sense, not political sense). If you want to show the world through a certain viewpoint, you are conservative (or we can call it infotainment). Both Fox and CNN nowadays are biased in this sense. That’s reality.

Also reality: We Democrats are concerned about increasing politicization of everything, and about the increasing infotainment of most news, on both sides. We want 100% of news to be ‘liberal’ in the journalistic sense. We think Fox News has never qualified. We know that “fair and balanced”, Fox' original slogan, was meant ironically. Murdoch was lifting his middle finger at liberal journalism.

I would even argue that conservative (i.e. intentionally biased) media has now become the mainstream. This is the Democratic view and concern.

Trump’s supporters have been misled to think that mainstream media is politically liberal, and that is not really what’s going on. There is increasing bias in media on both sides of the political spectrum, and none of it is mainstream in the traditional description.

On the Republican, conservative side of reality, most of the “news” is infotainment and outright propaganda, excepting WSJ and CNBC. The sole intention of outlets like Fox, Brietbart, and OANN is to influence your beliefs, not to inform you completely or accurately. The Republican voters, though, believe otherwise. They believe their preferred media sources of information are trying to inform them. They are literally believing something that isn’t real.

We Democrats are in the same mess, but not as much. We still have some media sources that strive to inform us without influencing us one way or the other. Like Reuters, AP News, BBC News, etc. You can almost still trust CBS and NBC, too. Al Jazeera is pretty good, too. See also Snopes.

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