This was a fantastic piece that you wrote. I don’t know what Medium is going after nowadays that this particular piece didn’t go viral. They seem to want to occupy a non-utilitarian niche of personal perspective pieces. So if you write about your feelings, you get some traction. But if you are focused on sharing ideas that are useful, or you have novel insights, you will get low visibility. They don’t offer the possibility of a megaphone to great speakers anymore. We’re all playing to a small club crowds at best, unless we have relationship-with-Mom stories to tell. It’s a shame. Your insights are golden.

Anyway, to your thoughts: I hope the business conservatives reach out to Republican leaders and let them know that unpredictable dictators are bad for markets and bad for our credit situation. And I hope they listen. That would seal the deal, finally.

If the Republicans are too cowardly or treasonous to break ranks, then they should know they are going to be endlessly ridiculed for their cowardice and treachery. With billboards, T-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, profile pictures. By me, at least. And all of their homes and cars and Mocha Frappuccinos are likely to get destroyed in a real civil war, with guns and everything. By other people.

Trump has just borrowed too much too quickly (before coronavirushit), and now we’ve fast-forwarded ourselves to a future that could have been 10 years off. A crash is coming soon if we don’t substantially, materially improve the lives of the 60% of Americans who have no savings or investments, who live paycheck to paycheck, who see no path to prosperity for themselves or anyone else in this country. It will come from internal turmoil at first, but it will eventually lead to workplace violence and vandalism and widespread labor disruptions in many forms, including increased company-internal cybersecurity and sabotage issues, and whistleblower suits.

Someone in Washington is going to have to be the martyr the next 4 years. It might as well be Joe. Try some austerity measures, try to raise taxes, and try to create soft landings from our debt situation. Start embracing digital currencies and peg them to aggregate, standardized economic outputs that go beyond our borders, then revalue our debt in this new, globalized monetary system. Explain to the American people why neoliberalism was wrong. Apologize, and try to make things better.

America needs affordable education and real productivity and innovation from the bottom 40%. They must have reliable healthcare and food and housing. They must have opportunity and incomes. It might as well be Joe who delivers these tough to swallow realities. And Republicans need to let them win, enough to really make the changes that are needed to stave off currency devaluation and a 10 year depression.

Republicans have done too little of systemic value for too many years; creating gridlock doesn’t count. Trump may be popular, but he’s too effective at fomenting rebellion, and he’s too unpredictable and unreliable for business interests.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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