Trump is too unhealthy and angry to live much longer. I have no concerns whatsoever. Let’s milk him for as much disruption and entertainment and Republican disarray as possible before he gets called to Hell.

If God is truly smiling on us, Trump will stay visible and position himself to run again in 2024. He will attack Marco Rubio and other probable Republican competition. He will suck Republican donors dry. He will deliver constant reminders of his ‘worst-in-class' human credentials, and we in turn will be constantly watching Republican hypocrisy and cowardice on display.

This is all helpful for the Democratic chances in 2022 and 2024 and, let’s face it, we need all the help we can get right now! The conservative media outreach and messaging machine is hitting on all cylinders. They’ve succeeded at implanting a preference for relentless meritocracy and individualism into the national psyche. We have a profound lack of ideas for achieving a better society. People don’t even talk about what they want to see in the future anymore. They only talk about what’s wrong with the world today and how the future could be even worse. Conservative worldview just suuuuucks.

We need Trump’s help to discredit the conservative propaganda machine and keep others down. Meanwhile, we need the Democratic Party to go all in on whatever visions they have of a “Better Society”. Do it now, and make it snappy.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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