What do you get when a million people march for the cause of removing a dictator who has usurped power and has the loyalty of the military and DHS, when 70 million Americans are perfectly joyous with the situation?

Lots of dead people, and fewer demonstrations!

That’s his plan.

Yes, Eric J Scholl — There could be no one to take him out. And yes, that is a problem. That’s a coup. The dictator governs by force, unchallenged, as long as he has control of the force. The people demonstrate, the force crushes them, they are weakened, and the dictator is stronger. Nazi Germany, 1980 Korea, etc.

Come December 10 it will be time to start watching the players inside the military and Secret Service to see if they capitulate to the dictator, or remain loyal to the United States.

If they’re on the fence, we should demonstrate, because public awareness and perception really are the ultimate keys to eventual victory. Some Republicans need to break ranks. That won’t happen until there is public pressure stronger than 50.3% of the country. That’s why we wanted a big margin win, to avoid having to be in a situation where Republicans won’t break ranks.

As you are realizing, fully 25% the public still has zero awareness of what’s going on, another 25% is actively misled, another 25% actually want the dictator to win anyway, and the remaining 25% are mostly still in denial.

There’s a mere handful of people who already see the dictator setting the stage and are trying to get the word out. Maybe thousands of us. But neither your words nor mine can reach ears unwilling to hear yet. Welcome to the early bird challenge!

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea. edblosch@zoho.com

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