What? Gerrymandering is the ultimate democratic corruption, and it’s predominantly used in favor of Republicans. Are you in favor of eliminating gerrymandering?

And what about voter suppression?

You seem like you genuinely believe what you’re saying. You actually think the Democratic party has some interest in maintaining the present systems. That it’s conservatives who would change it. Wow.

I guess I will put you to the test: Do you support representative democracy? Do you support the Constitution? Ok, I imagine you say that you do.

Then what do you think about mandatory voting? You must be for it, right? Everybody votes, by law, like the census. You can vote a blank ballot, if you want. But the government has a responsibility to ensure that your input is considered. Every vote counts. Equally. And with that simple tweak, voter suppression disappears, overnight. You support fairness, right? You don’t like voter suppression, right? So you must be in favor of such a completely fair, simplified system, right? Think about it. Do you think the Republican party would support mandatory voting?

Is it too much, too fast for you? Ok, how about making election day a national holiday? That would allow more people to actually vote, you know, the poor people who work hourly jobs and can’t get the time off. Their votes might even have benefitted Trump this election. Are you a supporter of making election day a national holiday? The Republican party isn’t. The Democratic party is.

How about requiring that polling places be opened no more than 30 minutes from people, no matter where they are? Were you aware that Republicans like to close polling stations in Democratic areas, literally to force voters to drive an hour to vote, so fewer of them vote? You know this doesn’t happen the other way, right? Do you believe in what you say or not? Can I count on you to be in favor of a law limiting how far polling places can be located away from people, so people can be fairly represented? This is again something that the Democratic party supports, and the Republican party doesn’t.

Seriously, Jim, our election mechanics are really, really damn good. Lots and lots of procedures and people, checking, auditing, watching. There’s always room for tweaks and modernization (double-encrypted voting by email would be great), but the idea that elections are dirty in their mechanical details, and especially that conservatives would be the ones to do something about it, is just laughable! You’re out of the touch with reality.

The major reforms we need are wholly about eliminating unfairness in registrating to vote, in voting itself, and in the representation of citizens, ie gerrymandering. ALL of the systematic bias and unfairness favors the Republican party, Jim. They are the absolute last group that will ever offer to do anything about it.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea. edblosch@zoho.com

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