What is a “rational Republican”?

The peoples of the world are all connected now. Our fates are intertwined in the respect that we share oceans and atmosphere and the resources in the Earth’s crust. Our ability to communicate and collaborate is practically unlimited. These are facts, not personal beliefs.

These facts beg people to accept the existence of a world economy and world workforce, inside of which nation-segments exist due to a variety of cultural, geographic and artificial factors. Companies and people are increasingly part of the whole world, and governments will have to adapt, especially with regard to money supply and trade and immigration.

Also, sometime in the near future, all people everywhere on the planet will reach the conclusion that all people are equally capable, equally deserving, and equally entitled to various rights. Few governments on Earth will systematically oppress and discriminate against groups of people (of different religion, skin tone, ethnicity, sexual orientation or identity) out of a fear for the consequences of giving them fair representation and power. These outcomes are inevitable on the path of human civilization.

Progressive human beings believe the future state is good. Bring on the equality, the fairness, the reduction of inefficient wars and trade barriers, and all the benefits that follow (faster progress, a larger world economy, a reduction in work hours, a drawdown of greenhouse gases, a recovery of biodiversity, and so on).

Anti-progressives disagree, often without actually having given it the first thought. They just know the world has always had rulers and ruled. The rich always live at the expense of the poor, and so it must be natural and therefore morally ok. Many even believe humanity is ultimately doomed, and so it means a lot to them to imagine themselves as independent, fighting to survive and to keep what’s theirs, to sustain their advantages over others, to keep powerless those who have always been powerless, to kill or be killed. They turn a blind eye to the rest of the world, and to the world itself, i.e. no concern for the environment.

This is who an anti-progressive is, at his core. And they often don’t recognize it. They think they are rational people, but they are actually fatalists and nihilists, and they accept oppression, and they don’t really believe every human has equal innate ability or should have equal rights. They think culture and religionand skin tone and sexual orientation matter, or should matter.

Ultimately, they are sociopathic, which is not rational at all.

The Republican party has been anti-progressive for decades. Scaramucci knew. He’s not an idiot. He developed himself into a viable conservative personality, earned a raise and promotion to communications director, and then his job didn’t work out. Now he’s switched sides. While he’s been helpful to the Democrats, he’s also staying visible and relevant. He’s helping himself. In one sense, he’s changed sides. But he’s also simply helping himself, staying employed.

We shouldn’t blindly assume that his changing sides indicates a true change of heart, or some kind of awakening. It’s possible, but we don’t know.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea. edblosch@zoho.com

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