Are there actually people who care what Richard Spencer says? He’s a libertarian, right? True Libertarians would vote on their core issue — government authority overreaching and intruding on their lives. Trump was fast-tracking his way to dictatorship. It seems obvious to me that any real Libertarian would have cast a vote against Trump. No surprise there.

Re: racism, you must have an odd definition of “racist” to think Mr. Trump doesn’t qualify. He was convicted of housing discrimination against blacks. He said an American judge was unqualified because he is of Mexican descent. Here is an entire Wikipedia entry describing his racist behaviors. Here is a Politico tally of the 15 most racist remarks he has made.

Honestly, just search ‘Donald Trump racist comments’ and choose anything you see to learn more. There’s no shortage. His hatred is so intense it should make you want to vomit. Read about the Central Park five.

“Racist” isn’t a description of someone’s feelings. I know people who do not feel a strong dislike or hatred for people simply because of the color of their skin. They are, however, racists, because they…

  • Insist that other people think differently and live differently simply because of the color of their skin, or ethnic heritage
  • Embrace negative stereotypes
  • Discriminate
  • Support discrimination
  • Look the other way when justice isn’t fair
  • Refuse to believe that young black men go to jail more and longer than white men, for the same crimes

This is not a complete list, but I hope you get the point.

What really, truly makes a person racist is the damage, the injury, the disadvantage that others experience as a result of the person’s beliefs, attitudes, and actions. To be prejudiced against those who appear different from what we are most familiar with, is to be human. This applies to seeing someone short, or fat, or butch, or effeminate, or brown, or black, or Asian, or dressing emo, or having tattoos, or being a senior citizen, etc. To let one’s prejudices determine one’s actions (or inactions) is discrimination, and discrimination may cause harm.

You’re a racist if you are aware of your race-related biases and stereotypes, aware of the pain, damage and disadvantage brought to others by those prejudices, and yet you deny or disregard the harm.

I actually know people who are filled with love for everyone, regardless of skin tone or looks, and yet they embrace stereotypes that lead them to support inaction on issues such as policing reforms and housing discrimination. These people are rightly called racists, especially when they know their inaction is why nothing is getting fixed. Voting for Trump, if you know he is a racist and will bring harm to Mexican Americans and black Americans, makes you a racist.

No one knows Mr. Trump’s heart, I guess. But his words and deeds are a vast library of prejudices and discriminatory actions, and he is fully aware of the offenses and injuries that he has done. That makes him a racist.

I would love to recommend one of hundreds of great talks you can find on YouTube or TED about race. In this one, the speaker has a surprising take: race is not real, but race matters. It’s a daddy-daughter piece. Very cool.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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