Who is more willing and able to do whatever it takes, legal or illegal, to reinstall Trump: the Republican Party, or Fox News and their partners in conservative media crime?

Fox actually has far more money, more influence, and more to lose. Fox loses everything if they are exposed as a propaganda machine subverting democracy. The Republican Party can reshape and reposition as needed.

Let’s get real. The conservative media domination of the news and information universe turned an election that should have gone 90-10 for Biden into a close result. That’s huge. Claims that conservative views are being silenced on Facebook are completely false. This is just the simple propaganda tactic of asserting as true, the exact opposite of what is true, before the other side asserts the truth. Nullify the truth by getting out in front of it with lies.

Contrary to Lindsey Graham’s claims, the Republican Party is not disadvantaged. The Republican Party owns all the best messages and stereotypes for winning elections. Most Americans believe Republicans are good for the stock market and good for average Joe’s pocketbook. Most Americans believe that Republicans believe in Christian values, fiscal restraint, law and order, respect for leaders, and American heroes. How can you possibly lose an election when these are the things people believe about you? Lindsey Graham is just outright lying.

His claim that the Republican Party is not going to win future elections for president are completely ridiculous. He’s trying to maintain fear in order to maintain public support during this critical next month. What a piece of shit this guy is!

As an Algerian-American colleague of mine told me last night, Americans seem to have no clue just how incredibly close they were to having an outright fascist government.

As I told him, it isn’t over yet, buddy. I think the Red team is just taking a short vacation break, regrouping and transitioning from plan B to plan C. And there’s a plan D still hanging out there, too, just in case.

Get ready for a November blitzkrieg of anti-Democratic narratives, misdirections, disinformation and fear-mongering unlike anything you’ve seen before. It will be more intense than the election itself. And Fox News will be leading.

It is critical to sway public support over the next month. Get on Facebook and counter every false claim and narrative. Push back on anybody you meet spreading Fox’ lies. Boycott News Corp’s advertisers. Inform everyone you meet that the Republicans are lying, and Fox News is fake news and propaganda.

All of these efforts will help stave off the risk that Pennsylvania and other states override their popular-vote results.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea. edblosch@zoho.com

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