Yes, and the main reason for the surge was a campaign of outright fabrications and negative associations between the Democratic Party and socialism and destruction. Fox led the way, Facebook turbocharged the lies, and I have to presume Russia again funneled money to GOP donors and superPACs, as in 2016. Trump’s turnout was an anti-Democratic vote, far more than it was a pro-Trump vote. People believe what they believe because of lies and disinformation, and they voted against Biden because of the fear and outrage it created in them.

It’s not accurate to think of our social environment as somehow naturally polarized and misinformed. Our environment is manipulated. People are manipulated. We aren’t facing a social problem.

We are facing a domestic propaganda threat to national security, not a social problem. There are aggressors, and we can name them. It’s an attack, not a circumstance.

Donald Trump is installing officers of government who have sworn loyalty to Donald Trump will take precedence over loyalty to the Constitution and people of the United States of America, should a conflict of interest arise. His media allies are inciting insurrection on the basis of false claims of election dis-integrity.

Defense is the action of the day for Biden’s administration, if he can even gain the office of the presidency. Stop the lies and disinformation first. Stop the attack. Then we can treat the victims later.

It’s only November 18. Trump still has 8 weeks to create and escalate situations that would justify using martial law and other emergency powers to destroy the Democratic Party and President-elect, and as many other things that need to be destroyed in order to remain in power indefinitely. 8 weeks. That’s forever.

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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