You’re not fear-mongering, you’re truth telling. Stick with it. I find your writing and thinking very insightful.

I have lots of ideas of work that is needed, both grassroots and top-down. I haven’t had time to share them.

My grassroots ideas are about reclaiming people one at a time from their ignorance and misinformation and anger. Here are a few. Progressive awarenesses are also helpful. Here are a few of those.

My top-down ideas are about the resetting our debt spiral without causing a civil war or a war with China. We must address wealth inequality (taxes, incomes, healthcare and housing), reset our philosophy of education, and give our political system a makeover. We need to ensure that sustainability and geoengineering become globalized large, tech-heavy industries, and a global system of financial normalization and sharing of credit/debt is realized. What we need to achieve is a soft landing and a transition back to renewed growth. A soft reboot over 20 years rather than a hard, violent reboot over 5. It’s a big reimagining exercise. We have to help the US have-nots, without hurting China. The earth and the environment can get fixed in the process, if we do it well.

Ultimately, the US dollar is going to lose its power. Either the yuan or digital currencies are going to become a new global reserve currency. This transition will be the key story of the first half of the 21st century, and how smoothly we choose to achieve our inevitable debt-driven economic decline and resetting, set against the corresponding rise of China, is the single biggest key to avoiding civil war in the US, and a global depression.

If we lose the power of our money suddenly in a fit of market panic, or by a foolish move of the next right-wing populist, then lots of have-nots will end up killing lots of haves, and the end result will still be a reset, but virtually everyone will become a have-not in the process (America will have become very Russia-like, in that respect.)

Conversation mover. Engineer. GenX. FL-CA-AL-TX-Korea.

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